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Don't let employee misconduct derail your business

Developing A Good Severance Package Makes Sense

How to fire for employee misconduct fairly and legally. Procedure and forms.

A good severance package says a great deal about the humanity of a business manager. A manager can tailor it to the size and financial capacity of the business while, at the same time, create a world of goodwill within the community.

The employee who, like Bill Bailey, finds himself or herself thrown out the door with nothing but a fine-tooth comb, does not leave with the same dignity of the employee who walks out with a folder full of hope. An alert management is aware that when workers must be terminated through no fault of their own, it creates talk among that person's family and acquaintances. A good severance package allows that employee to tell others what the business "did for me" instead of what it "did to me."

The severance package need not be elaborate to create goodwill, but the absence of such a program will not go unnoticed by either the terminated employee or those with whom he or she makes later contact.

Finding solutions to severance package benefits.

A severance package is not the same as a contractual severance payment. A package includes more items like a letter of recommendation, help to find another position or an option to stay on the group health insurance program for a limited time. There are many ways a business can helps its former employee. Something as simple as a certificate of appreciation costs the business little, nothing more than the price of stationery and copies.

Why go to all that trouble?

Management may think the final paycheck and whatever severance pay required by law is enough. Such thinking is short-sighted and oblivious to the positive public relations benefits of having a good severance package. Besides, it goes a long way toward ameliorating any resentments the terminated employee might feel toward the business.

In other words, having a good severance package to offer a departing employee moves HR into the realm of PR, making the effort put into the package all the more worthwhile. The sense the company cares by offering such a package to departing employees affects the ones who remain on the payroll. The importance of this is immeasurable. It eases tension among employees who might otherwise get the idea the business has no heart, and they might begin to imagine themselves as one day walking out the door empty-handed.

When Mr. Betts completed his guidebook, terminations became much easier for us.

You must stop tolerating employee misconduct. Here's why.
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